7 Best Protein Rich Foods and Their Importance

Protein, the building blocks of organs, hormones, skin, and muscles, are the must-have macronutrient to be included in your daily eating lifestyle. For growth and health sustainability, you all have to do is a lifetime friendship with protein-rich foods and when it comes to health proteins are as important as doing daily exercise at the gym. All you need to have is an adequate protein intake if you crave for a healthy and balanced lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones. Iron and protein-rich foods make you active, healthy, wealthy, and wise. So make proteins a part of your daily breakfast and lunch for better metabolism and boosting energy levels.

Importance of Protein Rich Foods & Required Protein Intake

Protein, a must-have nutrient to be in your diet, not only gives strength but also helps you to attain growth, perfect figure, fresh skin, muscle building, controlled blood pressure, activeness, toned tummy, and energetic body. Protein enriched foods are equally a must for children, elders, and adults.

Interestingly if you’re on a diet or thinking to start a proper diet, and at the same time craving to have such kind of meal that not only helps you lose weight but also makes your stomach satisfied, then you must go for proteins.

To function optimally, women should take 46 grams of protein whereas men should take 56 grams at least for the proper functioning of the body. Research says that if you make an exercise as your daily lifestyle then the food having a good amount of protein would act as a complement to your exercise and would help you achieve your fitness goals in less time. Protein shakes, powders, and supplements are the main must-haves for this purpose.

Yes, you heard it right!

Attention beauty conscious girls! protein-rich foods like eggs, milk, chicken, and yogurt help you to sustain your nails, hair, and skin beauty with a lifelong guarantee. So rush to your kitchen now and keep these mentioned particular sources of proteins in your fridge.

List of 7 Best Protein-Rich Foods

Below is a list of top 7 best protein sources for breakfast, weight loss, work out, and many more:


Best Protein Rich Foods

Eggs or whole eggs are considered one of the inexpensive sources of proteins. It is a high-quality protein and one of the foods with numerous health benefits and this nutritious food gives minerals, proteins, essential vitamins, necessary fats, and essential nutrients required by a human brain for proper functioning.

If you crave a pure protein then you must eat egg whites daily as your breakfast.  A large egg contains almost six grams of necessary proteins and should be consumed early in the morning for better metabolism and boosting energy levels.

Chicken Breast

Chicken Best Protein Rich Foods

Another most popular protein-rich food is chicken breast. Chicken breast is served in grilled, boiled, baked, roasted, fried, and barbecued in countless means. It is a versatile protein dish prepared in many forms and with different flavors to allure taste buds of foodies.

Concerning proteins, it gives 75% of calories with 0 carbohydrate count denoting its benefits about the calorie count.

Chicken breast provides essential vitamin B, vitamin D, iron, zinc, and some portion of vitamin A that are mandatory for the proper functioning of a human body.


Milk Rich Food

Milk, an essential nutrient that must be consumed daily is one of the cheap and best source for protein intake. Moreover, it is high in calcium and vitamin B2.

It boosts energy levels and strengthens bones. Furthermore, milk makes teeth strong and shiny.

If you are diet conscious yet demands a nutrient that makes you full, then low-fat milk is the best source to satisfy this need of yours.

In terms of calories, this form of protein constitutes 21% of calories.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese

Without cheese burgers are boring! And if you’re a foodie and a health-conscious person at one time then dropping the option of cheese is the toughest decision.

But wait! Cottage cheese is the best option that simply satisfies your both needs at one time.

As far as concerned with calories, cottage cheese is a low to medium fat nutrient and contains 69% of calories. Interestingly it’s rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B12, and several other nutrients.

Moreover, it strengthens your teeth, sustains blood sugar level, helps in digestion, and weight loss.



Known to most as a nut, a peanut is a legume!

Peanuts are rich in terms of minerals, proteins, healthful fats, and fiber. It’s one of the best foods for weight gain in less time. Surprisingly making a habit of eating peanuts five to six times a week reduces the high risk of getting heart diseases, diabetes, and colorectal cancer. It also improves the cholesterol level.

Peanuts are considered the best friends during boredom and during watching a movie. For calories, peanuts contain 18% of calories.


Fish Protein Rich Foods

Fish, a widely available source of protein is considered one of the best protein-rich foods at a global level. It’s considered as the lavish food item on the dining table of Asians. Tuna, cod, salmon, Alaska pollock, tilapia, catfish, pangasius, crab, and clams are the most eaten and all-time favorite fishes.

It boosts brain health and energy levels along with lowering asthma, autoimmune diseases, depression, and heart diseases.

For calories, fish contains 72 calories.


Yogurt, one of the main sources of protein and calcium, is usually eaten during breakfast and lunch. It gives freshness along with boosting metabolism, reducing weight, strengthening the immune system; escalate heart’s health, and helps indigestion.

It carries 3.5 grams of protein and 61 calories.

Good news for health-conscious people is that yogurt has a muscle-building protein. It’s one of the cheap and best protein source with easy availability.

Is Too Much Protein Intake Harmful?

Health is wealth! Everything looks good in balanced food so as proteins. An adequate intake of protein will provide you lifelong benefits and on the other hand, too much protein intake will harm you by welcoming serious and hazardous diseases that will not only call for high dose medications but also require you to compromise your daily routines.

So don’t forget to include protein enriched foods to your daily meals.

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